Their styles range all the way from early Lennon-McCartney (“Tomorrow Never Knows“) to Booker-T Jones (“Green Onions“) to a superbly crafted tune that can’t help but remind me of Zappa (“Scars” – an excellent 15:11 tune that somehow reminds me of “Hot Rats”), and they COOK on each & every one of the twenty-seven tunes offered up, folks.”

Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

Project Name

Strange Lullaby is the sixth album from Coyote Poets, who formed in 1999 as a result of musicians and poets creating content for a show on Public Radio.

Coyote Poets are a Denver band, having formed in the exploding music scene in Colorado's most populace city, Denver.
 This is a vast collection of music (their sixth album) a two CD set that The Coyotes have themselves called a concept album.

 The Music is varied but maintains a band identity
 The band features stellar musicians who collaborate on all the songs....
 Formed by Denver Jazz radio personality, performance poet and Bassist Andy O' whose parents were musicians.
 Melissa Ann Gates fronts the band with power, subtlety, humor and a heartfelt earnesty.
 Josie Quick and John Rasmussen are responsible for the band's unique yet familiar sound.
Josie plays the strings, violin and viola,
John plays the woodwind instruments and the two team up to underscore and define The Coyote songs.
 The band is powered by it's drummer Shannon Spencer and Guitar aces Tom Carleno and Gary Hoover.
 These three musicians are a cooking rhythmic powerhouse who bring yet more depth and versatility to the mix.
 Zach Perry is The Coyote's Producer and sound designer.
He spent two years building Swamp Rocket Studios, the home of Coyote Poets of the Universe where Strange Lullaby was recorded and where The Coyote Poets podcasts will be performed.

People we shared stages with or played with

Tommy Ramone's Uncle Monk (his post Ramones Blue Grass band)
Little River Band....opened for them
Blues legend Willie Houston.... We backed him up at a show. 
Painted Saints....shared stage with them
Janine Santana.... Latin Jazz artist and former member.
Tarantella....former members in this indie band
Perpetual Motion....Josie and Tom also lead this Jazz band
Richie Furray of Poco opened for Tom
Joe Bonner, Jazz great played with The Coyote's
Tania Nelson, rising Jazz star played with The Coyote Poets.

Human interest....
Andy O' is the recipient of The James Ryan Morris "Tombstone"
Award for Poetry
There are two married couples in the band
Melissa and Zack and Josie and Tom
Shannon is actively working towards helping pets get adopted
John Rasmussen is also a modern Classical composer
Tom and Josie's band Perpetual Motion have been nominated multiple time for The ZMR awards,
Gary once caught a fish THIS BIG

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High Resolution cover photo

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