Coyote Poets of the Universe

Our initial outing. Poetry and Jambient World Bop - A stylistic adventure into multiple musical forms.

Genre: Rock: Jam-band

Release Date: 2003



Movin' To The Moment

The Second release from CPU. More Poets More Poetry. We urge you to wiggle while you think. Jambient World Bop and startling poetry.

Genre: Spoken Word: With Music

Release Date: 2003


Unmistakable Evidence

Inventive and eclectic. Awesome musicianship mixing world beats, vocals, vibrant spoken word, and adventurous jazz improvisation, they swing.

Genre: Rock: Progressive Rock

Release Date: 2007


Callin' You Home

Dynamic poetry, kick out vocals, an amazing mix of keyboards, violin, english horn, oboe, banjo, mandolin, guitars and percussion.

Genre: Rock: Folk Rock

Release Date: 2008



Pandora's Box

Presenting 'Pandora's Box', the fifth CD from Coyote Poets of the Universe. CPU offers up everything from hard blues to jazz to sephardic music in their latest collection of original material. A classic!

Genre: Rock: Progressive Rock

Release Date: 2010


And brand new from the Coyote Poets of the Universe: Strange Lullaby!

"Their styles range all the way from early Lennon-McCartney (“Tomorrow Never Knows“) to Booker-T Jones (“Green Onions“) to a superbly crafted tune that can’t help but remind me of Zappa (“Scars” – an excellent 15:11 tune that somehow reminds me of “Hot Rats”), and they COOK on each & every one of the twenty-seven tunes offered up, folks." Dick Metcalf- Contemporary Fusion Reviews