"A psychedelic journey"
"A blast"
"Everything is extraordinaire with this band...the rendition, the vocals...
27 unique slices of music.
Exceptional and unforgettable covers
A stunning artistic vision"
"Unforgettable...there is passion, power, intensity...emotional all along the tracks.
Chills guaranteed.
They have recorded a masterpiece
A really stunning band
This album shook me up...
Music needs bands like this
That is to say with strong musical personality and artistic vision...

Mike Penard- ISA Radio France  

Thanks to Brent Cotton  - www.cottonfinearts.com

Thanks to Brent Cotton - www.cottonfinearts.com

Denver group is a tough-to-pigeonhole blues/folk/jazz and rock phenomenon that ventures boldly all over the map.”


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The Coyote Poets are

Tom Carleno, (electric guitar, acoustic guitar,dobro, banjo, cigar box guitar, gang vocal)

Melissa Gates (lead vocals,all female harmonies,spoken word)

Gary Hoover, (electric & acoustic guitar, banjo, vocals, gang vocals,resonator guitar)

Andy O'Leary, (bass, vocals, gang vocals, spoken word) 

Zack Perry, (bass, guitar, spoken word)

Josie Quick, (acoustic and electric violin, viola, spoons, gang vocals)

Shannon Spencer, (all drums, percussion, gang vocals)

John Rasmussen,( flute, vocals, clarinet, Oboe, piccolo)

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